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You’ll often find that in most offices, certain people will get bombarded with emails on a daily basis whilst others get very few. Why is this? The main reasons for receiving spam is how visible your email address is (or has been) on the internet. Every time you enter your email address onto a web form, there is a chance that it’ll used in some way to send you junk. Most companies have a very good data protection record and will only send you mails you have agreed to but others are less scrupulous. Always make sure when filling out web forms, that you un-tick agreements for companies to send you mail from time to time. Especially un-tick anything that says that partner companies may mail you. This is basically allowing them to sell your email address to the highest bidder! (email address lists are regularly traded on the internet).

If you are filling in a web form and are in any way unsure of the company, then ideally try not to give them your email address. If you absolutely need to enter an email address but definitely don’t need to receive anything from them, consider just typing in some junk! I.E. – this will usually then allow you to then proceed with the form.

Also consider if you have any alias email addresses on your mail account. Whilst your main mail address may be, you may also have something like pointed at your inbox. General addresses such as info@, sales@, accounts@ can be considered spam magnets and will usually get a lot of random spam sent to them. If you need to get mail to these addresses but don’t want the associated spam issues, then consider creating a shared mailbox. This at least keeps the spam out of your inbox! Shared mailboxes are free on Office 365.

With hosted email usage being so high these days, spam doesn’t tend to be so much of a problem so it’s definitely worth considering hosting your email system if you haven’t already. We can (of course!) help with this.

If you need any help with any of the above topics, please do give us a call.

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