Fujitsu Primergy rack server

Forming the core of most commercial networks, the performance and reliability of the servers is fundamental in providing an efficient solution.

When evaluating existing systems and proposing new hardware we endeavor to specify failover protection where possible by utilising RAID disk systems and redundant power supplies. Academy have found that deploying well specified servers at the outset offers significant benefits as the cost of upgrading older equipment tends to be relatively expensive.

From experience we recommend using Microsoft Windows Server operating systems as they offer a reliable, well supported platforms that is compatible with most proprietary applications. Windows Server incorporates Active Directory which streamlines network administration and features Remote Desktop Services for remote administration. Microsoft Hyper-V server virtualization provides greater flexibility, fast recovery from hardware failure and better use of resources.

Microsoft Small Business Server historically offered a cost effective solution for organisations with up to 75 users that wish to deploy Windows Server, Exchange Server (e-mail/collaboration tools), Sharepoint (intranet) and SQL Server (for database applications). Microsoft are currently retiring this product in favour of using cloud based Exchange and SharePoint through Office 365. We are happy to support all versions of Small Business Server as well as facilitating migration to Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Server Essentials is the new on premises server solution for small businesses. As with a standard Windows server it provides a general file server role with Active Directory to manage network resources, It also features a simplified management console to streamline common tasks and provide easy integration with Office 365. Remote Web Access offers an easy web based solution to access files on the server from a PC, MAC, tablet or phone. Server Essentials is limited to 25 users but is a fraction of the cost of the standard edition.

Cloud file sharing portals can provide a simple alternative to conventional in-house file servers allowing data to be accessed and shared over the internet from any location. In partnership with leading hosted solution providers, Academy can implement very cost effective solutions for geographically separated teams to share files with reasurance of automatic backup and virus protection.

Academy offer the expertise to deploy and upgrade single or multi-server environments to host the e-mail, file, print, web, thin client and database services that your organisation may require.

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