The data stored on a company’s computer systems is normally considered to be one of its most important assets. Data lost due to system failure, accidental deletion, fire, theft of virus infection can have disasterous consequences.

Establishing a documented disaster recovery plan detailing how systems can be restored in different scenarios allows systems to be quickly rebuilt to resume normal operations. The single most important aspect of disaster recovery is to have a recent and reliable copy of all the data.

A well structured back-up regime ensures data can be restored days, weeks and months later. Within a client/server environment all data should be stored on the servers so that it is included within the backup. The backup media should be stored offsite to cover the possibility of a fire in the office. Online or cloud based backup solutions enable off site storage without relying on staff to remember to take media offsite.

Academy Networks can develop a disaster recovery plan for your organisation and deploy effective back-up solutions. Should it be required we can assist with restoring failed systems and data.