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When we set-up a server or start working with a new customer, one of the first things we’ll do is try to ensure that backup system and it’s corresponding alerts are working correctly. We usually set-up a system that will email alerts both to you and to us here at Academy. This is an essential step in making sure your backup is working as it should. This means we’ll usually spot pretty quickly when a backup fails due from these alerts and it also allows you to keep tabs on your backup.

So, if you haven’t checked your backup alerts for a while, it’s definitely worth making sure you’re receiving them and that your backup is good. We’ve seen an awful lot of preventable data loss over the years due to unmonitored backups not working correctly. Please don’t be a statistic!

We also have some great options for cloud based backup if you’d like the extra piece of mind that this offers. Prices start at £15 per month for a 50GB backup and go up from there.

If you have any questions or would like us to double check your backup is definitely functioning correctly, please do give us a shout!

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